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ALEXANDER, VOH  HUMBOLDT.                   59
of the sea-shores of the Canton of Yaud; for although
nature in every zone, and under any circumstances,
always bears a peculiar character, the mind willingly
and fondly feels the similarity in the effect, without
entering into analytical comparisons which are purely
matter of science. Humboldt instituted interesting
investigations into the causes of the decrease of water
in this sea, which he found explained by the destruc-
lion of the forests, the cultivation of the soil in the
plains., stud the cultivation of indigo, as well as by the
dryne^s of the atmosphere and the exhalations of the
soil, and which induced him to institute further in-
quiries into the quantity of exhalation, which in turn
became of importance to fanning interests.
Iu the neighbourhood of Mariara, Humboldt found
the tall Volador, whose winged fruit he and Bonpland
collected and went to Europe, and which grew in the
gardens of Berlin, Paris, and Maltnaison ; he declares
that the numerous specimens of the Volador growing
;in 'JtSuropoiU'i conservatories all spring from the single
tree of this kind which was found by him in the
neighbourhood of Mariara.
The heat of the days obliged Humboldt to continue
his o x:<: undo n. to Wow Valencia, commenced on the
21st; February, by night only. After six days' journey
oo a beautiful road, endangered by jaguars, but rich
in varied natural beauties, he reached this town, visited
the neighbouring warm sp&ngs of, and
arrived at Porto Gabello, which he quitted again on
the 1st March, and directed his steps to the first sta-
tion on this journey, San Fernando de Apure, whence
ho went over Calabozo and the immense solitary
plains of Caracas,
On. his return from Porto-Cabello to the beautiful
valleys of Araguay, Humboldt came to the farm of
Barbula, where he saw the celebrated cow-tree, of
"whoHO remarkable qualities, as report had spread
tlxom, ho had hitherto doubted. He found it to be
a tree which,, OB incision, exudes a perfectly mild-
tasting luilk, which has an aromatic flavour, and id< a